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    The newly refurbished war memorial.

  • Branston Parish Church

    Branston Parish Church

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    The Wheel Inn, Branston

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Timetable for Speed Watch

Sat 20th October

0900/1000. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Rachael Taylor

1400/1500. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Nick Pounder.

Sun 21st October

0800/0900. Rachael Taylor, Ray Ranns, Kim Ranns.

Mon 22nd October

0715/0815, Peter Kinvig, Phil Butler, Finola Delamere.

1630/1730.Peter Kinvig, Nick Pounder, Ray Ranns, Rachael Taylor

Tue 23rd October

1300/1400. Graham Pennells, Finola Delamere, Margaret Connolly, Ray Ranns More »

Wed 24th October

0700/0800. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Simon Tidman.

1400/1500. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Kim Ranns, Ray Ranns.

Thu 25th October

0900/1000. Phil Butler, Nick Pounder, Finola Delamere.

1430/1530. Rachael Taylor, Simon Tidman, Pam Hart.

Fri 26th October

0715/0815. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Finola Delamere.

1430/1530. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Rcahael Taylor.

Sat 27th October

0800/0900. Gerald Botterill, Ann Markham, Rachael Taylor.

1400/1500. Simon Tidman, Pam Hart, Margaret Connolly,

Sun 28th October

1000/1100. Peter Kinvig, Graham Pennells, Sarah Rutherford

1500/1600. Peter Kinvig, Gerald Botterill, Ann Markham.

Mon 29th October

1000/1100. Phil Butler, Margaret Connolly, Ann Markham.

1430/1530. Nick Pounder, Barbara Meads, Kim Ranns, Ray Ranns.

Tue 30th October

1300/1400. Gerald Botterill, Ann Markham, Ray Ranns

Wed 31st October

0900/1000.Peter Kinvig, Finola Delamere, Sarah Rutherford, Simon Tidman.

1400/1500.Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Sarah Rutherford.

Thurs 1st November.

0900/1000. Pam Hart, Margaret Connolly, Kim Ranns.

1430/1530. Simon Tidman, Nick Pounder, Rachael Taylor.

The Last One.

Fri 2nd November

0930/1030. Peter Kinvig, Finola Delamere, Barbara Meads.

Any Problems please contact Pete on

01476879284 or

Stint handovers will be done at the shop. Coffee is 80p a cup.

Unfortunately some times have had to change due to the School activities, please let me know if this is a problem. » Less

Posted: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 11:23 by Janice Fletcher


A vacancy has arisen for a caretaker at Croxton Kerrial Village Hall. Further details can be obtained by contacting

Jackie Johnston on 01476 879291


Kim Ranns on 01476 870419

Posted: Wed, 10 Oct 2018 19:49 by Janice Fletcher


We had a very good response and now have many volunteers. Speedwatch will take place in October - dates will be issued nearer to the time. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered.

In response to public requests regarding speeding on the A607 along Main Street, the Parish Council has decided to try to take advantage of the "Community Speed Watch" scheme.

Leicestershire County website has the criteria that the community would have to pass to get authorisation and the details of how it works. More »


  • Residents are trained to use a speed camera and operate in groups of 2 or 3.
  • The first implementation would be for 4 weeks, during which the Police issue letters to all those caught by the system.
  • If, as we know, this shows systematic speeding, the Police will then start enforcement for an unspecified period.
  • If and when the situation returns, the community can apply for the camera again for 2 weeks with subsequent enforcement thereafter.
  • This procedure can be repeated as often as necessary to improve safety in the village.


Key points to be allowed to access the scheme are that 20% of the population would need to sign a specific "Pledge of Support" (100 people) and there would have to be a minimum of 6 registered camera volunteers (maximum 16). More volunteers equals less time per individual. If these numbers are not achieved then the scheme cannot go ahead and there are no other actions available to the Parish Council.

The Parish Councilors representing Croxton Kerrial (Tricia Laurance, Peter Kinvig, Gerald Botterill and Ray Ranns) will call on residents to ask them to sign the pledge forms, which also include the details the County Council requires for those who are prepared to be camera volunteers. » Less

Posted: Sun, 18 Feb 2018 13:19 by Janice Fletcher