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The Croxton Kerrial Charities Trust administers the charitable legacies which are limited, by their terms, to residents of Croxton Kerrial. The committee elected at the AGM in June 2021 was:

Chairman: Ray Ranns (Parish Council Representative)

Treasurer: David Jinks (Church Representative)

Clerk: Clare Carvell (Parish Council Representative)

Richard Botterill (William Chester Representative)

Kim Ranns (Church Representative)

Alan Pettitt (Parish Council Representative)

Richard Bradley

The Committee is indebted to the CK & B Parish Council for hosting this page.

Historical Role of the Charities in Croxton Kerrial Education

The earliest record of a schoolmaster is in the reign of King James 1 (this is after Queen Elizabeth 1 and before the Civil War). When Bishop Niele visited Leicestershire in 1614 he recorded that there were twenty-five school masters in the county, including one in Croxton, Richard Fen. Teaching was probably in the church.

It is recorded that the village had a charity school founded in 1680. There is no record of where this school was.

The first major legacy was from William Smith 1711 for an endowment for a free school. (His plaque is on the outside of the church at the end of the knave.)

In 1799 it is recorded that there was a small building at the top of School Lane that housed both a free school and a coal store for the poor.

The next influential legacy was from Antony Good 1796, being an endowment for the Schoolmaster's salary and fees for five poor children (His plaque is under the tower partially covered by carpet). The Church's visitor's book shows that some of his descendents visited the church recently to look for his grave.

These bequests were merged and used for the construction of the original buildings of current school in 1845 as well as support of pupils. This was on land leased, initially to the Vicar and Church Wardens, by the Duke of Rutland. It was 35 years later in 1880 that the equivalent of attendance at primary school became compulsory and education was eventually taken on by the State.

Remaining Active Charities

The William Chester Charity

The Will of William Chester was proved on 7th July 1703, leaving 68 acres and a farm known as Chester Farm Barkestone le Vale for the benefit of the poor in the Parishes of Barkestone, Knipton, Croxton, Buckminster, Burton and Harby. The income was to be divided into firstly, maintenance of the property, and the remainder divided into five shares. Barkestone, Knipton, Croxton, and Buckminster to receive one share each, Burton 2/3 of one share and Harby 1/3 of one share. The object of the Will was to provide Bibles for children and to benefit the poor in the parishes. The Croxton Charities Trust receives a payment of its share each year from the separate William Chester Trust (who have a mandated Trustee on the Trust, see above).

The total amount for disbursement from this charity in 2020 for 13 widows and five families in need was £103 each.

The Edward Hallam Charity

Edward Hallam was a citizen of London but was born locally. The revenue from some money left in his Will of 1683 bought land in Musson and the revenue was to be divided into six shares, 1/6 to the minister, 1/6 to children (catechised) and 4/6 to the poor of the parish.

In the past the following smaller legacies have been folded into the Edward Hallam Charity for administrative purposes.

Mr & Mrs Wesson, 1741, Edward Rimington 1797, Rachael Althbourn, Ann Parnham 1837

(Ann Parnham's Will of 14th January 1837 left to churchwardens and overseers of the poor in the parish the sum of £250 to be invested and interest used to maintain her gravestone, and the remainder distributed annually to widow women in the parish.)

The disbursement from this charity in 2021 was: School £150, Church PCC £150, Priest in charge £150 and 18 payments of £25 to widows and families in need.

Combining the two charities Widows and families in need received £128 in 2021. As the total income from both charities after expenses is distributed yearly, payments fluctuate based on the number of eligible recipients.

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