Croxton Kerrial & Branston Parish Council

Serving the people of Croxton Kerrial & Branston

Middle St, Croxton Kerrial.

Clerk: Janice Fletcher
The Sty, Piglet Cottage, 12
Middle Street, Croxton
Kerrial, Grantham, NG32 1QP

Tel: 01476 870768


Timetable for Speed Watch

Sat 20th October

0900/1000. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Rachael Taylor

1400/1500. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Nick Pounder.

Sun 21st October

0800/0900. Rachael Taylor, Ray Ranns, Kim Ranns.

Mon 22nd October

0715/0815, Peter Kinvig, Phil Butler, Finola Delamere.

1630/1730.Peter Kinvig, Nick Pounder, Ray Ranns, Rachael Taylor

Tue 23rd October

1300/1400. Graham Pennells, Finola Delamere, Margaret Connolly, Ray Ranns

Wed 24th October

0700/0800. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Simon Tidman.

1400/1500. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Kim Ranns, Ray Ranns.

Thu 25th October

0900/1000. Phil Butler, Nick Pounder, Finola Delamere.

1430/1530. Rachael Taylor, Simon Tidman, Pam Hart.

Fri 26th October

0715/0815. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Finola Delamere.

1430/1530. Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Rcahael Taylor.

Sat 27th October

0800/0900. Gerald Botterill, Ann Markham, Rachael Taylor.

1400/1500. Simon Tidman, Pam Hart, Margaret Connolly,

Sun 28th October

1000/1100. Peter Kinvig, Graham Pennells, Sarah Rutherford

1500/1600. Peter Kinvig, Gerald Botterill, Ann Markham.

Mon 29th October

1000/1100. Phil Butler, Margaret Connolly, Ann Markham.

1430/1530. Nick Pounder, Barbara Meads, Kim Ranns, Ray Ranns.

Tue 30th October

1300/1400. Gerald Botterill, Ann Markham, Ray Ranns

Wed 31st October

0900/1000.Peter Kinvig, Finola Delamere, Sarah Rutherford, Simon Tidman.

1400/1500.Peter Kinvig, Berni Kinvig, Sarah Rutherford.

Thurs 1st November.

0900/1000. Pam Hart, Margaret Connolly, Kim Ranns.

1430/1530. Simon Tidman, Nick Pounder, Rachael Taylor.

The Last One.

Fri 2nd November

0930/1030. Peter Kinvig, Finola Delamere, Barbara Meads.

Any Problems please contact Pete on

01476879284 or

Stint handovers will be done at the shop. Coffee is 80p a cup.

Unfortunately some times have had to change due to the School activities, please let me know if this is a problem.

Posted: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 11:23 by Janice Fletcher