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Revised Proposals for Straw storage Facility at Saltby Airfield

Revised Proposals for Straw storage Facility at Saltby Airfield

A meeting will be held on 28th March at 7:30 at Croxton Kerrial Village Hall to discuss further data provided by the applicant in support of their proposal for retrospective planning permission for use of the airfield as a straw storage facility for Sleaford Power Station.

The new data is, in essence, about a proposed revised exit route.

The details of this exit route are summarised in the document at this location

this proposal is in turn is based on a larger document from the applicant's consultants which is here

The views expressed in the Croxton Kerrial Parish Council's reply regarding the operation of such a facility still appertain and are reiterated below

The Parish Council object to this retrospective planning application on the basis of the number of HGV vehicles this brings down then Saltby Road into Croxton Kerrial and the noise, vibrations and dust from these extremely large vehicles is a nuisance that stops the residents on Saltby Road, Mill Lane and Main St enjoying the amenity space in their homes and gardens for a large part of the year, especially the summer.

The proposed use is not agricultural; it is large-scale industrial and distribution use and is out of keeping with the sites rural location. The scale is huge and does not align Melton Local Plan Policy EC2. The bales should be stored at the power station, which is 25 miles away in Sleaford, Lincolnshire or at the site within Lincolnshire, which has been given permission for this use. This is unsustainable development to enable the applicant to avoid the road improvement/maintenance costs requested by Lincolnshire Highways Department.

We are also object to the validity of the Transport Statement that accompanies the application as it only deals with the access and egress of vehicles onto the site. It does not analyze the designated route and its capacity to take the increase in vehicle numbers. It outlines that the Butts/ Saltby Road is 7.2m wide and therefore is suitable for the HGVs to transport the hay bales. Whilst this is true at the entrance to the site in Saltby, the road reduces in width quite quickly and varies between 4.5m and 4.8 m wide in Croxton Kerrial. This is not wide enough for 2 large multi-axel HGVs to pass without mounting the grass verge or the pavement. The damage to the highway caused by this use continuing will be costly for Leicestershire County Council to repair in the long term.

In the report vehicle movements are counted as vehicles crossing the weighbridge on the site, this does not accurately reflect the impact on the residents living on the designated route. Each import and each export is two journeys to and from the site, as they do no happen simultaneously. Therefore, each visit to the site is two trips along the Salty Road and through the junction with Main St in Croxton Kerrial, so the nuisance is doubled.

Figure 3.1 in the report shows the monthly movements with imports in blue and the exports in red and adds them together to get vehicle movements. It then goes on to discuss these as 1 movement but as outlined above in Croxton Kerrial these are two events. Therefore in September 2021 there were a total of 2356 HGVs towing trailers with or without hay bales taken down the Saltby Road through the junction with Main St in Croxton Kerrial.

The report also takes the average across every day of the week rather than the Monday to Friday working days, this results in the movements and the nuisance it causes looking much lower than it is in reality. For example Figure 3.2 indicates an average of 40 HGVs per day, where as over Monday to Friday it is 54 Imports/exports per day. This equates to an average of 108 HGVs towing trailers along the Saltby Road every day of the week. This is an average of 1 vehicle travelling the route every 6.5 minutes for 12 hours a day. At the maximum it is 1 every 4 minutes for 12 hours a day.

These massive multi axel vehicles are as tall as the resident's homes they are passing and travelling very close, within 4m in some cases. Several homes have their private gardens to the side of the house separated from the road by 900mm high railings. The residents find this level of noise and dust and the vibrations that come from the vehicles intolerable. They have been complaining about the usage of this site for this large-scale industrial storage since 2019 when usage intensified. There complaints have been registered with Melton Borough Council and Leicestershire Highways as well as Croxton Kerrial Parish Council. We feel that their complaints are justified and having these large multi axel HGVs towing trailers 4 m away from their homes and or private gardens every 4 minutes for 12 hours a day is having an intolerable impact on their lives.

Whereas attendees are welcome to reiterate their opposition to the principle of such a facility, the main focus in this meeting should be on the revised proposal for the exit route and whether this actually ameliorates the situation. This is so that the PC may update their objection to take into account the revised exit route.

Posted: Sun, 20 Mar 2022 10:57 by Ray Ranns

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